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Smooth Ride by ROLAS

Ride With A Smile

Are you a passionate rider? Is saddle soreness when riding a regular frustration?

Our patented Smooth Ride functional underwear and silicone inlay are specially developed for horse riding and cycling enthusiasts. They are designed and made in Germany and help prevent saddle soreness for female riders.

The allergy-tested and skin-friendly Silicone Inlay protects the sensitive genital area, allowing for a soft and pain-free seat in the saddle. It can be worn in the built-in pouch of our Smooth Ride Inlay Panty, or directly on bare skin. Every rider is free to find their own comfort.

For those who do not require the protective inlay but are looking for extra padding, shaping and overall support, we have developed the Smooth Ride Slim Figure Panty. With a double layer of cotton padding in the crutch, this comfortable, seamless panty offers amazing support.

Smooth Ride functional underwear has been worn by world champions for years - and they love it!

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Please note: Our Smooth Ride products are evolving and may appear here different to what you receive. This will only affect branding and the colour of the inlay. Of course, our high quality remains the same and we continue to manufacture exclusively in Germany. Thank you for your understanding.

Look at our Sizing Chart here and make sure you get the best fit.

The Smooth Ride Story

Anja Moench. Inventor and managing director of Smooth Ride by ROLAS Silicone Inlay and functional underwear to prevent saddle soreness. An active rider and specialist  horse trainer  who coaches riders to a more intimate understanding and interaction with their horses.

Saddle Soreness is a topic rarely discussed among female riders - but unfortunately for many it is a common and frustrating problem.

Anja Mönch, the inventor of Smooth Ride functional underwear, has actively worked as a qualified instructor in the field of equestrian sports for over 20 years. She has 3 children of her own, and after giving birth she developed the protective underwear from her own very painful experiences.

"It is often misunderstood that all saddle soreness is caused by incorrect form in the saddle or defective equipment. In many cases it is a result of the anatomical shape or changes in a riders pubic area," explains Anja. "My goal was to create a product where nothing will constrict, compress or rub, the solution in the crutch is invisible and it will help as many women as possible."

A free and relaxed seat is the most essential connection between horse and rider - only through this is it possible for your horse to fully relax and perform with comfort and vitality. Smooth Ride functional underwear was born and finally there is a product to help relieve the pain and damage caused by saddle soreness for female riders.

Anja was quick to discover another role for Smooth Ride underwear - cycling.
"Every woman probably knows how uncomfortable and painful long bike rides or spin class can be - especially wearing incorrect underwear. Here our Smooth Ride underwear fits perfectly and helps ease the pain of saddle soreness."


Ride With A Smile Testimonials

Please leave a review of your own by sending us an email through the Contact page. We love hearing your feedback!

I’m so excited about the Smooth Ride underwear with inlay. I’ve always had wounds when riding, even quite bloody. Now there is nothing, absolutely nothing, and I am thrilled and will definitely recommend it! Top invention. To top that off, I have now bought my first horse, as I can ride every day without any problems.
— Bianca - February 2018
I ride a lot of training horses every day, so the right underwear is particularly important to me. With the Smooth Ride Panty I still feel good at the end of the day. The material is particularly comfortable on the skin and above all, the longer legs ensure that nothing slips up and everything move freely. I no longer know saddle soreness! And I’m also very fond of them when cycling.
— Sylvia Rzepka (German WC Team 2006 Aachen / 2010 Lexington Kentucky) - October 2017
It 100% works! I tried everything but again and again I had saddle-soreness in the pubic area (in different places). The pain was unbearable. With the Smooth Ride inlay I am pain free. Thank you!
— Sternchen - July 2017
There is no unpleasant pressure. The material of the pants is comfortable on the skin, the rider does not sweat and can wear her riding pants as usual. The “SlimFigure Panty” is our favourite.
— Cavallo Magazine Product Review - July 2013

Click to see the Cavallo Magazine review.
September 2006
July 2013

I am not riding horses but am very active with my mountain bike over bumpy ground and stone. I have used the inlay for three years and am completely satisfied. If I had not discovered this homepage at the time, I would not be able to cycle today, let alone take several days of mountain hiking. Thank you for developing this!
— Marie - May 2015

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